How The Modern Bride Prepares For Her Modern Wedding

Brides today have a firm grip on what they want out of life and how to get it. Brides are no longer teenagers fresh out of high school. The modern bride has career goals, education, and has lived on her own for some time. She honors traditions that mean something to her and ignores tradition that does not fit with her core values.


Like most brides, the modern woman wants to look beautiful on her wedding day. Yes, she wants the perfect dress for her wedding. Her perfect dress may be diamond white with a cathedral train, or it may be an ivory, champagne, or even black. It doesn’t matter what gown she chooses. Even the most beautiful gown will be made more lovely if the bride is in good health.

How health affects the bride

We all know that eating well, drinking water, getting enough sleep, and staying active makes our bodies stronger. But strength is not the asset the bride is concerned with. She wants to look her best.


The average age of a modern bride is 27-years old. This is when we believe we are in peak health. But, you may be surprised to discover that at 25-years old a woman’s metabolic rate begins to decline. This means at 25-years old a woman must begin to reduce the number of calories she eats or increase her physical activity to burn more calories or she will gradually gain weight.


Science has discovered an all natural supplement that slows the metabolic decline. Read the Niagen review on Corpina for more information. Niagen not only makes your body more efficient, it elevates your mood, gives you more energy, helps with digestion, aids in sleeping. To put it simply, this is an all natural product that will ensure the modern bride will have a healthy glow, clear skin, and stay fit and trim.

Other modern changes

Modern brides challenge the traditions that held the brides of the past. She wants decorations that are good for the environment. She buys paper products from printers who use recycled paper. She rejects the idea of being showered with rice which could harm birds. She uses fresh flowers which can be reused at the reception or given to local organizations like nursing homes after the wedding.

One way the modern bride is expressing herself and making a personal statement is by using live plants as wedding favors. This is inexpensive, easy to do, and people love them. The couple simply needs small flower pots (or soil pots wrapped in tissue paper) potting soil and flower seed variations. The seedlings will sprout quickly and a toothpick flag in each plant with the name of the bride and groom is a nice touch.

Your seed provider will assist you in choosing plants that bloom with your wedding colors. Another variation is potted herbs. This is a gift that reminds your guests of your love for each other and them, and the herbs are a delightful addition to their kitchens.


If you choose cute flower pots or tissue covered soil pots, they are easy to use during the reception. Place the plants on the table (one plant for each chair) decorate between the plants with candles and greenery. If you use seating cards, place them in front of each plant so the guests will know that are to take with them.


The modern bride and groom have the best of everything. They express themselves in ways that benefit the planet. They take care of their health, and they dress themselves and the bridal party in the styles and colors that suit them. It is their special day and they claim it. They are not the starched and formal brides of yesteryear. They are a breath of fresh air to the weddings of tradition.

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