Amazing hair with T3Micro!

Taking care of my hair is super easy with   to T3micro.Thanks to the most advanced technology, T3 promises healthier, less electric and brighter hair. From hairdryer to plates and irons to create waves and sea urchins, T3 has everything  we need!

T3 is considered the holy grail of hair tools. How do we generate such impassioned responses? By venturing outside the mane-stream with a collection of uniquely designed products that feature proprietary technologies and consider every functional and design detail. Using T3 for the first time is akin to a revelatory experience. Some say life-changing. Suddenly, it’s possible to replicate salon results at home with tools that transform the look, health and texture of your hair and bring a touch of luxury into your styling routine. The speed is remarkable too, for many, turning a tedious chore into an anticipated beauty ritual. When the results are this dramatic, it’s time to upgrade to T3—and never look back.

I tried The Convertible collection in which the base fits with every barrel in the Convertible Collection making hair styling options endless!

Let’s see the barrel!

The Defined Curls barrel is great for achieving the perfect curl. The curls are tight and great for those with fine hair as they hold better than a larger barrel.

The Voluminous Curls barrel creates beautiful and  big, bouncy waves! This one is perfect for achieving bombshell volume in a fraction of the time.

The Cascading Waves barrel is most unique barrel I’ve ever seen. It creates such a beautiful, luxurious curl. Rather than being super defined, it’s great for getting that perfectly un-perfect curl.

The Polished Curls barrel gives the most glamorous curls! They are bouncy and pin-up worthy. This would be perfect for recreating those gorgeous vintage hairstyles that we all love to much. It is also great at holding fine hair.

The Loose Waves barrel gives you the bounciest, supermodel hair. It’s great for achieving that perfectly classic Hollywood glamour hairstyle.

 The Undone Waves barrel is a great barrel for achieving the perfect curl – natural or defined (along with the prettiest mermaid-esque hair). Like the clip version, this size holds my fine hair really well and can be used for so many different hairstyles.

The Tousled Waves barrel is perfect for achieving undone, natural curls. It’s a great multi-tasker that can not only create the most beautiful beachy waves, but also tighter curls as well. This is a great everyday wand!

I also tried the new Cura Dryer .A quick-drying, frizz-defying hair dryer enhanced with T3 Digital IonAir. The innovative technology combines digitally-controlled heat with a wide, gentle airstream to expertly and swiftly dry hair while boosting body and shine. A powerful ion generator smooths the hair cuticle, and three heat and two speed settings cater for every hair type and texture.
 I hope you’ll discover the whole collection, their  product are available on the website but also on Amazon !

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