Aromatika’s Oil

Few days ago on my ig stories I unboxed the #blogbox gifted from Rvg media & impact. As you  saw the box was full of great products but today I decided to share with you the Aromatika’s Oil that I’m trying already!

Natural care for skin & hair. The natural oil from macadamia nuts is very rich in vitamins and minerals and does not feel greasy, the “queen” below the nuts !

Ideal for dry and rough mature skin, for massage, with split ends and as a make-up cleaner.


The helping hand for your skin. Calendula oil, also called marigold, contains essential oils from the
petals itself and is full of flavonoids (antioxidants). It is the first aid oil in you medicine cabinet, due to its anti-inflammatory
restorative and healing properties.  The oil is soothing for dry and sensitive skin and very suitable for the irritated and / or damaged skin. A delicious oil to use as an after sun.

For all skin types. Jojoba oil does not feel greasy, full of fatty acids and antioxidants, and is suitable for many applications. A “must” for everyone household. Use: combats inflammation of the skin, and inhibits sebum production, therefore perfect
oil for acne. Goes well with a few drops ethereal tea tree. The jojoba oil softens, keeps the skin smooth and elastic. That’s why it’s really good to combat scars.

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