CoolBest smoothie

This year also here in the Netherland, we are having a very warm summer!Unfortunately I’m still not in holidays so, specially during the working days, I really don’t feel to eat but just drink something fresh and hopefully tasty.

This summer I’m so glad to get(and drink) the new CoolBest Smoothie!

Strawberry-Orange-Banana, Raspberry-Blue Berry and Mango-Passionflower 3 different flavors for an unique taste!

Perfect as a breakfast or as snack, these smoothie are very good and super easy to carry around thanks the  small and practice bottle.


Strawberry and banana in this smoothie provide an intensely sweet taste. The banana is a perfect base for a smoothie, because it provides that creamy and full consistency! Together with the slightly sour orange, this is a real taste sensation! Naturally a source of folic acid, vitamin C and potassium! 100% fruit and no added sugar.

Mango passion fruit

The sweet mango makes this smoothie pleasant, creamy and full of flavor, combined with the sour and fresh taste of the ripe passion fruit for a delicious tropical taste experience! Naturally a source of vitamins A and C, folic acid and potassium! 100% fruit and no added sugar.

Raspberry blue berry

Enjoy the fruity, fresh and sour taste of blueberry mixed with raspberry! This delicious wild berry smoothie is pleasant to drink and full of flavor! Naturally a source of vitamin C. 100% fruit and no added sugar.

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